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3 Ways Reviews Can help You Deliver Excellent Customer Service

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Excellent customer service is about investing more time in your customers, and in learning their expectations. Taking these steps will help you create a seamless customer journey, from top of funnel to checkout.

Overlooking customer service just isn’t an option in today’s world. Companies have to do everything they can to stand out from their competitors, and customer service is something that will help them attract new customers, even when discounts and low prices aren’t enough.

According to Trustpilot review data, both one-star and five-star reviews most commonly include the phrase “customer service.” This means many customers are either drawn to a company or turned off by the customer service experience.

Consumers confirm this conclusion: 88% agree that customers have higher expectations than in the past, with 89% agreeing that customers are more likely to share their experiences — positive or negative — than ever before, according to research from Hubspot.

So how do you take your customer service to the next level? Reviews are the key to taking action.

How Reviews Boost Customer Service

It’s obvious how reviews can attract new customers, but can they really help you improve your customer service? Yes! Here’s how:

1. Social Proof

Social proof is a buzzword these days, but what does it mean? Social proof is when customers post to social media about just how great your company is. It’s the proof that pushes many consumers to try your product. If other people loved it enough to talk about it on social media, maybe they will too.

Reviews are another form of social proof, since they allow customers to share their opinion, and allow consumers to easily compare companies online. By collecting reviews and showing off feedback on your social media channels, you’ll get the social proof all great companies need in the modern world.

2. Identify Trends

Hubspot found that though 74% of companies say they’re measuring customer satisfaction, only 58% of companies survey their customers. Without feedback from customers, it’s nearly impossible to truly measure customer satisfaction. Insights from customer feedback are an essential part of figuring out where to focus business development efforts.

Trustpilot’s Review Insights tool makes it easier than ever to identify trends, define customer sentiment, and create a better customer experience. By asking for reviews and analyzing patterns, you’ll be well on your way to delivering the customer service you hope to achieve.

3. Acting on Consumer Insights

Once you’ve identified trends in your reviews, it’s time to embrace the feedback and take action. The right data will help you create an effective plan to solve customer issues. And as you do so, customers will take notice. They’ll express their satisfaction in reviews, and you’ll know you’re right on target.

Learn More Today

Ready to learn more about how reviews can help you deliver excellent customer service? Download our free guide to reviews below and up your game this quarter, or learn more about Trustpilot’s Review Insights tool today.


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