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Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Responds to Growing Demand for Hydrogen Energy in Residential Sector

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power” is working on producing their first full 4kW hydrogen fuel cell system, with models expected to be commercially available in 2024. What makes hydrogen fuel cells unique from other similar devices is that they do not use a combustion process, are essentially silent, do not vibrate, and produce only clean water as a by-product. The cutting-edge fuel cell manufacturing technologies developed by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are expected to make high-volume production possible, which would allow for the fuel cells to be supplied to the growing home and small-to-medium power sectors.

Energy storage technologies equivalent to Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are too costly for household use at this time. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power fuel cells are designed with cheaper material prices than what is available from competitors, making them more accessible to the general public. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s hydrogen alkaline fuel cells emit no CO2 and mostly use nickel, graphite, and plastic in the manufacturing process.

The total investments in renewable hydrogen in Europe are estimated to be in the €180-470 billion range by 2050, and in the range of €3-18 billion for low-carbon fossil-based hydrogen. Analysts estimate clean hydrogen could meet 24% of world energy demand by 2050. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power aims to respond to the projected trend for clean energy demands by producing hydrogen powered micro-CHP systems based on alkaline fuel cell technology.

Although hydrogen usage is low at this time, governments all over the world have high aspirations for hydrogen as a more environmentally friendly energy source. In Europe, clean energy has become a major concern, with legislators and financial institutions calling for action. Other parts of the world are likely to follow suit soon. Because current technologies are insufficient to meet market expectations, the demand for zero-emission technologies is surpassing supply.

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