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Cockfight Philippines Sabong


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Cockfight Philippines Sabong

Is cockfighting a profitable sport in the Philippines?

Well, beyond the cultural and other traditional aspects, cockfighting has become a lucrative sport. As of now, cockfighting in the Philippines is estimated to be worth billions of dollars. It’s an industry that generates astonishingly massive revenue. There is a lot of money to be made on bets.

What is the role of E-Sabong in online cockfighting?

These e-sabong firms, some of which operate 24/7, also provide much-needed livelihood to agents, coordinators, breeders, derby organizers, veterinarians and other individuals in the era of Covid-19. Several more e-sabong companies are waiting in line to be licensed by PAGCOR, which started to formally regulate online cockfighting in May 2021.

How often is there a cockfighting Derby held in the Philippines?

There’s a cockfighting derby held almost every day across the archipelago. In fact, there is a premier international cockfighting tournament held in the Philippines every year, the World Slasher Cup.

Who are the aficionados of cockfighting?

Thousands of aficionados have jumped in the bandwagon – breeders, cockpit operators and bettors who get a thrill out of two fiercely fighting roosters or cocks. “Recognizing our ever-changing times, we want the cockfighting community to be able to play the sport they love- whenever and wherever.

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