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Mayahin Sabong


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Mayahin Sabong

What is the Dadalhin of sabungan?

Kapag last quarter, ang dadalhin sa sabungan ay ang Mayahin. Hindi lahat naniniwala sa ganitong paraan ng paglaban lalo na ang mga mas batang mga sabungero, dahil katwiran nila ay paa ang ipinapalo ng mga manok panabong at hindi ang balahibo.

What is Sabong in the Philippines?

The Sabong is one incredible window to the Filipino culture. For an intrepid traveler with the stomach to venture into one, go to a rural cockpit. Cockfighting in the Philippines is not the pretty sanitized ambiance of the big urban-suburban venues for wealthy Filipinos.

Will suspension of E-Sabong affect Maya and GCash?

MANILA, Philippines — Mobile wallets GCash and Maya are not bothered by the suspension of e-sabong operations, with officials from both companies saying that the halt will not have a huge impact on their revenues. "E-sabong, as we've said before, doesn't have a significant contribution in our transaction value.

What is Sabong or cockfighting?

To many outside observers, “sabong” or cockfighting is a brutal and bloody form of sport. Compared to cockfighting in most Asian countries, by large, Filipino roosters only live to fight one or two matches before death or injuries retire them from the sport.

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