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Ocbs Sabong


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Ocbs Sabong

What is an OCBs in E-Sabong?

The BIR defined OCBS as physical sites where e-sabong players register, view live-streamed cockfights and wager their bets, while the OCBS host sets up an OCBS in existing licensed casinos, integrated resorts, e-bingo or e-games facilities, or new gaming sites specifically for e-sabong, Dulay explained.

How will the GAB regulate the E-Sabong industry?

The GAB will regulate the live transmission of any sabong video feeds regardless of broadcast venue and will regulate the day-to-day gambling operations based around cockfighting. This includes the establishment of off-cockpit betting stations (OCBS), remote kiosks that accept wagers on e-sabong.

Is E-sabong a problem in the Philippines?

With the advent of the Internet, however, this centuries-old sport now has broad gambling reach, and e-Sabong is a real problem. What Is eSabong? E-sabong is the informal name for a new breed of cockfighting betting that has taken the Philippines by storm.

Where to find Sabong odds in the Philippines?

While e-sabong is big business in the islands, sabong odds are not usually found at offshore betting sites. The underground cockfighting derbies are so scattered and secretive – and the regulated ones are held so informally – that there is no way for the books listed here to offer up-to-date lines on cockfighting in the Philippines.

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