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Voltplex Sabong


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Voltplex Sabong

What is voltplex KQ?

The powerful combination of the components of VOLTPLEX KQ provides non-stop power and energy during fights. It is formulated to provide gamefowls with the following: Aids in digestion thus preventing crop bound. Enhances breeding capabilities of broodcocks.

What does Volplex KQ do for broodcocks?

• Enhances the breeding capabilities of broodcocks. Gamefowl: 1 tablet of VOLTPLEX KQ after feeding (morning & afternoon) on the last 2 days of conditioning and 1 tablet after morning feed day. Broodcock: 1 tablet of VOLTPLEX KQ 3 times a week during the breeding season.

Why voltaplex for lithium-ion batteries?

Through our own expertise and experience, to consulting with independent experts, institutions, and manufacturers on your behalf — Voltaplex is your ultimate solution to the technical challenges that often beset lithium-ion battery manufacture.

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