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What Can Cause Errors In Your Company’s Translations?

The following factors can be the source of errors, whether severe or not, in the translation of texts, documents, descriptions of products, services, and other content:

Automatic Translations

Technology brings us a series of resources that can make it easier to carry out activities daily. One of them is machine translation, as long as it is used properly.

For example, if you received a contact from a foreign client, but you don’t understand their language, the ideal is always to have a professional translator. Still, if there isn’t one at the moment, there’s no problem using google translator or another such service.

This can help you to understand your potential customer’s request, but never to translate some content that will be seen by other people, such as texts, descriptions, and documents.

Machine translation errors are much more frequent than professional translators, as the tools are based on flawed algorithms. Therefore, don’t trust websites and automatic solutions for professional services.

Translation Companies Without Experience

Searching for a translation company is highly recommended so that the service is provided with quality, but the chosen company must have its quality proven. Otherwise, you may suffer from errors in translation agencies.

When relying on the service provided by inexperienced companies that do not have the necessary training to ensure the quality of their services, translation errors can be recurrent. Therefore, pay extra attention and always choose experienced companies with proven quality.

Crowdsourced Translations

The translations in the document translator (penerjemah dokumen which is the term in Thai) by crowdsourcing refer to delegated services to a group of people, not a single translator. It is common to find this type of service on the internet to translate websites, ratings, and comments, but the choice may not be the best choice for your company.

As it is a shared project in which each involved participant will play a part, it is difficult to know who to turn to if there are translation errors, which can cause no one to take responsibility for the error. Therefore, this option can bring headaches due to poor service.

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