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What Does Double Blended Mean At Starbucks


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what does double blended mean at starbucks

What does'double blended'mean at Starbucks?

Then you add that to ice, add the unique ingredients (Caramel syrup or mocha sauce) and add ice, and then blend. What does "double blended" mean at Starbucks? It is actually an oxymoron- blended means mixed and theoretically optimized for taste and balance.

What does it mean when a drink is double blended?

When you get something “double blended” it means they blend it a second time, meaning the beverage will be smoother and more viscous, and easier to consume. It's good for braking up Java chips (chocolate chunks) and let's them go through the straw much easier.

Why does Starbucks double-blend their Frappuccinos?

However, some people want their frappuccino to be smoother, so if they request it to be “double-blended" the barista presses the button a second time. This doesn't aff All of Starbucks blenders, ovens, and espresso machines are set to specifications that have been decided by Starbucks R&D to create the drinks and food properly and consistently.

Why do they put a double blend in a cappuccino?

The reason people order it this way is because double blending makes for a smoother and sometimes creamier consistency to the drink, and also slows down the separation that usually happens in a Frappuccino once it’s been sitting for awhile. It’s mostly up to personal preference and in my opinion it doesn’t alter the flavour of the drink.

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