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Different Communication System Types

Communication systems enable people to successfully share ideas and other important information among themselves. A person who has an idea carefully decodes it into a sensible form that can now be shared with the rest of the world. Sender and receiver are the terms commonly used to describe the person who sends an email. By virtue of the communication system, information can freely flow from sender to receiver.

We will explore different communication systems between two parties to enhance the smooth flow of information.

Optical Communication System

Optical refers to light. Light is the medium through which optical communication systems communicate. Communication via optical means is accomplished by converting the information into a signal (signal in the form of light) which is then converted into a signal destined for the recipient by the transmitter. Once the signal is decoded by the receiver, he or she responds accordingly. Optical communications depend on light for data transmission. This is the principle behind safe helicopter and plane landings. After receiving the light signals, the pilots determine whether to land or not. When an individual sees a red light on the road, it tells them to stop instantly, while a green light tells them to move forward.

Light travels through an optical fiber in this mode of communication.

Radio Communication System

Radios are used to transmit information in the radio communication system. An antenna is both necessary for transmitting and receiving radio signals in a radio communication system.
Through radio carrier waves, transmitters transmit signals which are carried by antennas. Recipients receive signals using antennas as well. There is some unwanted information that needs to be discarded and the electronic filters are useful in separating out these unwanted signals. Finally, those filtered signals are amplified to their optimum levels. The signals are then decoded into information that individuals can easily understand and respond to.

Duplex communications system

Two types of equipment can exchange data simultaneously in both directions, hence the name. In telephone conversations, both you and your friend can listen to each other simultaneously. Sending signals involves sending them to the receiver who receives them then and there and also gives the speaker their valuable feedback. Speakers and receivers communicate in real-time thus.

Two devices can communicate simultaneously in the Duplex communication system. Various types of communication systems involve the sending and receiving of signals in which the sending party sends the signals and the receiving party responds accordingly. Simplex systems are one example of these types of systems.

Half Duplex Communication System

Both parties are unable to communicate simultaneously when using a half-duplex system. It is only the recipient who can respond after the sender stops sending signals.
Half-duplex is the communication system used by walkie-talkies. When an interaction takes place, both persons have to say “Over” before they can respond. The other person must communicate the security code properly for him to reply. Only when the code is correct and complete will the other party be able to communicate.

Tactical Communication System

Tactical communication is another form of communication. This type of communication is dependent on environmental conditions as well as other factors. You can check different communication company for more info.

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