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Introduction to Medicare: Here is everything you will need to know.

10 Benefits of Health Insurance RidersYou will have a window to enroll in Medicare whether it is your first time or planning to move from a given Medicare cover to another.  When it is your first time, you will be able to select between two types of Medicare covers. The first type is the Original Medicare that includes Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare part A is also referred to as hospital insurance while Medicare Part B is also referred to as Medical Insurance.  It is important to note that the two types of coverage in the Original Medicare do not provide drug coverage option. Therefore, if you will want to get that cover, you will have to subscribe to the Medicare Drug Plan D.  

Aside from the Original Medicare, you will get the option to join the Medicare Advantage plans coverage. The cover is also referred to as Medicare Part C.  The cover is an all in one alternative to original Medicare. It comprises of Medicare Plan Part A, C, and D. Therefore when you opt to get the cover, you will not need to subscribe to an addition Medicare Plan D cover that will take care of the cost of prescription drugs. 

Therefore, if you choose to either get Medicare Part C or original Medicare, the plan you choose will affect the premium you will pay. Some coverage comes with higher premiums and others do not.  Other factors that will be affected by the given Medicare cover you will choose include what services you will get, quality care, and more.  Thus before you choose a given type of Medicare cover, you will need to do your homework. You will need to consider the amount of money you will pay for coverage. You will also need to compare the different Medicare plans to choose the one that will suit your needs.

What are the differences between Medicare Part C and Original Medicare?

The first difference is that the Original Medicare comprises of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. In the Medicare advantage plan, you will get an all in one bundle coverage.  The coverage will comprise of Medicare Part A, B, and in most cases part D.  The second difference is that people that want to get drug coverage in the Original Medicare will have to subscribe to Medicare Plan Part D.  That will not happen to the Medicare Advantage plans.  The plan already comprises of the Medicare advantage plan D. The only difference is that you will have to pay lower out of the pocket costs in this cover.  When you subscribe to the Medicare advantage plan cover, you will be restricted to only using doctors that are within the plans network. That will be different for the Medicare Original Plan. In the plan you will have to choose any doctor provided that he/she is within the United States. 

In conclusion when you are out there to shop for Medicare coverage you will have the option of choosing Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans. Both covers come with their strengths and weaknesses as discussed in the article.

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