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Tools that Every Police Officer Should Have on Board

Most police officers are provided with standard equipment that allows them to do their job safely and efficiently. This includes their uniform, bulletproof vest, ammunition, and more. Every station has standard equipment that they use. Law enforcement is not an easy career. Days are intense, both physically and mentally.

If you have chosen this career, you will want to make sure you have the best protection available to allow you to continue performing your duties as long as possible. You might wonder what is typically provided or if you need anything else. A good resource for additional tools is tactical gear is CAT Outdoors.. The following list covers the general items that are usually assigned to you when you start.

Common Tools Needed For The Job

Ammunition – Ammunition will be standard for whatever gun you will be carrying. Officers also carry extra ammunition stored on their belts or in a magazine pouch.

Body Cameras – Although not always part of the standard uniform, body camera use has recently increased. You will be trained on using these cameras if one is assigned to you.

Bulletproof Vest – Most police officers prefer to use soft body armor, such as Kevlar. It is more comfortable and flexible for everyday use.

Duty Belt – The Duty Belt provides the officer with easy access to an array of resources. The belt normally contains space for the gun holster, magazine clip, flashlight, handcuffs, and more.

Radio – Officers have a car radio and a walkie system typically on their uniforms. These communication systems allow them to radio for backup and take calls. A centralized system monitors calls. Typically officers use a series of ten codes to communicate with each other. These codes allow for quick and efficient communication.

Common Police Weapons

Baton/Nightstick – The baton/nightstick has been used for years. It is considered one of the oldest weapons in an officer’s arsenal. It is used to disperse crowds, break windows, save people, etc.

Knife – An officer can use a knife in self-defense or cut someone free if they’re trapped somewhere. It is a versatile tool that is often kept on the Duty Belt.

Mace/Pepper Spray – A can of mace/pepper spray can deter combatant individuals, making it hard to see and/or breathe if the spray is used on them. The use of this spray allows the office time to get in control of the situation and the individual.

Firearm – Depending on the agency, the police officer may choose the caliber and weapon they carry. The most popular brand is a Glock, with 40 caliber ammunition, but officers may choose something they’re more familiar with.

Shotgun – Most police cars are equipped with a standard 12-gauge shotgun. Extra ammunition is carried with them as well. Officers may also opt for a shotgun that shoots bean bags as a non-lethal method of breaking up crowds.


As you can see, a lot goes into the tools used as a police officer. The hope is that many of these will never need to be used. But, an officer should always have them on board in case the need arises.

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