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4 Reasons To Hire A Condominium Manager

Keeping an organization in a condominium is a task that requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. Not always, the trustee, management body, and employees can handle all the legal responsibilities of a condominium by themselves, so it is interesting to hire a specialized condominium administration.

As we know that trusting a team of professionals to take care of a condominium such as one in Grand unity (แกรนด์ ยูนิตี้ which is the term in Thai) is very serious, we prepared this article with 4 reasons to have a condominium manager in your building. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. Secure Financial Advice

The trustee, the legal representative of the condominium, has duties to be fulfilled. He needs to ensure that the condominium complies with legal issues, such as scheduled inspections, technical investigation reports, accountability in a transparent way to condominium owners, and tax and legal responsibilities with employees and government agencies, etc.

The condominium administrator is a partner company of the condominium and the liquidator that provides an advisory service with relevant information for the management, such as the preparation of the budget forecast, the comparison between planned and realized expenses, the financial analysis with quarterly projections, the conference payments, cash flow control, and optimization, etc. All this, always with transparency and using the most modern resources on the market.

  1. Get Expert Support Whenever You Need It

We do not always have the necessary professionals inside the condominiums in emergencies. By hiring an administrator, you will have a complete team to help at any time. The pandemic has shown that having specialized advice is essential to keep essential condominium services working perfectly. Whether to answer questions or assist in everyday life, or resolve deeper issues in different cases, in addition, when there is a need for the condominium to be represented in public bodies, the administrator can also help.

  1. Access To Technology

Technology is a great help in everyone’s life; it helps pay bills, make bank transfers, buy products, schedule appointments, etc. However, did you know that it can also revolutionize condo living? There are different technological solutions for the condominium manager applied technology. Some of the features are:

  • booking spaces online
  • the registration of people/visitors/service providers
  • access to documents
  • the creation of a digital accountability folder
  • sending documents with the online pouch to trustees and employees
  • communication with concierge
  • access to duplicate tickets
  • and payment history

These and other services can be performed digitally. With an administrator, you will have all the practicality of carrying them out with technological assistance and a specialized team.

  1. Valuing Your Assets

In addition to counting on the condominium’s internal security, such as 24-hour cameras, concierge, caretaker, etc., you will have specialists in several areas to help everyone. Collaborators and condominium owners will feel more relaxed knowing that, whenever they need it, they can count on administrative and financial advice aimed at the security and appreciation of everyone’s patrimony.

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