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AWS Consulting Partner: Here’s Why You Need One

Amazon Web Services is a vast universe of 200+ cloud-based services. It’s not easy for most organizations to select the right services, much less capture the maximum value from them. Many companies find it challenging to deploy and manage their AWS infrastructure, while others struggle to resolve the business and technical problems that arise during or after migration.

Fortunately, your firm can avoid or overcome these challenges with an AWS Consulting Partner. Read on to know the benefits of partnering with a trusted AWS Consulting Partner.

3 Great Benefits of Hiring an AWS Consulting Partner

A competent AWS Consulting Partner can identify the right AWS services to help your business meet its cloud-related goals. Here are the other benefits an experienced Consulting Partner can bring to your organization:

Build a strong cloud foundation

If digital transformation is your goal, you need to embrace the AWS Cloud to its full potential. This requires building a strong cloud foundation.

What is your cloud computing approach?

Which best practices and frameworks will you adopt along your cloud journey?

Which cloud initiatives will you prioritize?

And finally, do you have a skilled workforce to make the most of AWS?

All of these aspects are vital to building a strong cloud foundation. And a capable Consulting Partner can help you with many or even all of them.

Successfully migrate to the AWS Cloud

Planning to migrate to the cloud but don’t know where to start?

Want to accelerate migration with minimal operational disruptions?

Struggling to figure out which migration strategy is best suited for your workloads?

These are all common challenges that onboarding an AWS Consulting Partner can help to eliminate. A good partner will work with you at every stage of the migration journey to assess your requirements, create a migration plan, and execute the migration per your timeline and budget. The best partners use proven tools, methodologies, and best practices to ensure hassle-free migration with minimal risks and fast time-to-value.

Take care of day-to-day operations

A customer-focused AWS Consulting Partner will take care of day-to-day cloud management and maintenance. They will also look for ways to optimize your AWS resources, capacity, and cost.

Some Consulting Partners like Axcess.io also provide cloud monitoring services and help to integrate the AWS cloud with existing enterprise systems. In all these ways, the Partner can help you redeem all the benefits of the AWS Cloud and give you the freedom to focus on running your business.


Hiring an AWS-approved and experienced Consulting Partner can be a great decision for your organization. From strategy, migration, and security, to cost optimization, disaster recovery, and managed services – the right partner can help you capture value from the AWS Cloud in innumerable ways. Contact Axcess.io if you need a Consulting Partner you can trust with your AWS investment.

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