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Carl Iberger – A Glimpse Over A Business Development Manager’s Job

The role of the Business Development Manager is to work with the upper management of a company to increase sales opportunities, build relationships and make the business more profitable. The responsibilities of this position can vary depending on the organization and industry that you are working in. However, some common duties include preparing business proposals, identifying new business opportunities and implementing new strategies for promoting your products or services.


Your role as a Business Development Manager will depend on your company’s needs and your own skills. You may be responsible for managing complex projects, working with colleagues across multiple departments, liaising with clients and partners, or even preparing business proposals.

The responsibilities of a Business Development Manager may include:

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Build relationships with clients and partners
  • Prepare business proposals
  • Manage budgets and projects, including supervising subordinates
  • Liaise with colleagues across multiple departments to ensure all aspects of a project are being completed in a timely fashion
  • Work with the upper management of a company to increase sales opportunities

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Liaising With Clients And Partners

Liaising with clients and partners is an important part of the job. You will liaise with clients every day, finding out what their needs and requirements are, whether they have concerns or issues and how you can help them to achieve their goals.

Building a good relationship with your clients is essential in order to understand what they require from your company. It’s also crucial that you build relationships with all of your partners so that they understand what you can offer them as well.

Managing Budgets

Managing budgets is a key responsibility of a business development manager. It can be challenging, but it is important to do well. Managing budgets is a skill that can be learned and is an important aspect of the job. You’ll need to be aware of how much money you have available, what it is spent on and how much there is left. You can use this information to help you make decisions about where the company should invest its money in order to make sure that it is doing everything possible for growth.

Preparing Business Proposals

A business development manager is responsible for preparing proposals for potential clients, which means you must be able to demonstrate the value of your products or services and explain how they fit into the client’s overall strategy.

Preparing a proposal is an exercise in understanding your audience’s needs and goals, so it’s important to know what makes them tick before making any recommendations. You also have to anticipate their questions and be prepared with answers that meet their concerns while proving the value of your offerings.

The more insight you have into how a client operates, the better equipped you’ll be when it comes time to negotiate terms (which will happen).


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