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Mobile Office Trailer Shipping Guide for Hassle-Free Relocation

Office trailers are an important part of any business that requires relocation like the construction business, education or temporary classroom, government like administrative offices, retail offices, etc. So, when you plan to move a mobile office trailer then you would require a shipping company that can help you get this done with no stress at all.

Ship A Car Inc. can be your best choice when it comes to shipping your mobile trailer. They ensure that the entire process of movement is done smoothly with prompt deliveries and timely solutions. 

Prepare your New Site

Firstly, you need to make preparations for your new site with a help of your utility companies. This includes getting services like electricity, plumbing, internet, and any other things that your business would require. You will need to get any permits that might be necessary. 

Understand the Factors that can affect the cost of shipping

  1. Moving a larger mobile office trailer would be more expensive as compared to the smaller one. Thus, you must mention the dimension of the trailer to your shipping company
  2. Distance is the second factor that will affect the cost. It will cost more to move your trailer out of the country rather than the same one or the same state.
  3. The duration within which you want the delivery to be done is also important. Ultra-fast delivery will charge you more.
  4. The type of transportation will also affect the cost. Open-air transport is the only option to be used as most of the office trailers are huge structures.       

Heavy Haulers

Heavy haulers are one of the best options for moving your mobile office trailer. They can move any kind of offices like portable, modular, container, and many more. They have decades of experience in this industry. 

Heavy haulers do have a team of dedicated professionals that can move your portable offices to any location in the US, Canada, and Mexico. They got the required license, bonds, and insurance required for the shipping to be done. 

They are very cost-effective too. Shipping your mobile offices with a help of heavy haulers is a very simple process whether you require consistent services or it is just for one time. 

Guidelines to follow before choosing a shipping company

  • Make sure you choose a company who legitimate enough to do this work. They require you to have a proper license and qualifications to ship your trailer
  • Check for the reputation of the companies online. Customer satisfaction is very important which can be checked with online reviews.
  • Check about their insurance which would tell you about the things to do when there is any damage caused while shipping
  • Ensure that they follow safety conditions that will protect both the machinery and the human life
  • Ensure that they have a good customer service
  • Most importantly they need to have good experience in moving these huge trailers.

In short, all you need to have is a good, reliable, and well-experienced company that has done this movement and shipping of such mobile offices without any delays and unreasonable consequences. 


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