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Slip and Fall Accidents: How to Prevent Them to Avoid Liability

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, especially in places where hazards have been ignored by property owners. If you had a slip and fall accident on a property because of its owner’s negligence, you can be eligible to seek compensation. In this case, you will need the assistance of injury attorneys Huntington Beach to help you go through the claim filing process with more and peace of mind. Also, understanding the common causes of slip and fall accidents will help you stay safe. 

How Slip and Fall Can Happen

Slip and fall can occur when you lost balance on a surface. You will slip if there isn’t enough traction between your foot and the ground. Slip and fall accidents are more likely to happen in some places than others, especially on construction sites. But, these accidents can take place anywhere, safety precautions must be taken to reduce or eliminate their occurrence. 

Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can be prevented. Every time you enter an unfamiliar space, observe your surroundings and look out for things such as the presence of any steep inclines, water on the ground, ground hazards, and caution or hazard signs. Property owners can reduce the chances of these accidents happening when they consider the following tips:

  • Make use of the proper tools. A lot of tools are available to make slip and fall accidents less likely. For instance, rubber mats can be placed in doorways, so wet feet won’t track in hazardous puddles. Also, handrails must be installed near stairs to make sure people who walk up and down them get the support they need to do it safely. 
  • Increase visibility. Slip and all accidents are not only about ground conditions. A lot of them can happen because of low visibility. Property owners must ensure their space has adequate lighting, particularly in areas where there may be hazards. By installing proper lighting, they can minimize the chances of injuries. 
  • Maintain the property. To prevent slip and fall accidents, property owners must maintain their premises continuously and monitor surface and lighting conditions. Also, proper maintenance includes damage evaluation and timely repair. Every business must have a maintenance plan that covers standards to reroute workflow and foot traffic when repairs are being made to reduce the chances of accidents. Property owners who fail to maintain their property based on standards should be held liable for any slip and fall accidents that may occur. 

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